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During a standard Pool  inspection, we will do the following:
     - Visually inspect the pool and equipment
     - Operate the equipment, checking for any visual deficiencies
     - Operate the light(s) and heater(s), if any
     - We will not disassemble any item, including the filter, for any reason.
In our experience, pools are guaranteed maintenance points and a constant expense. If you've owned a pool before, you probably agree. We will do our best to share our general knowledge of your pool and its equipment. If you are a first-time pool owner, we strongly recommend that you get expert advise on the care of your specific equipment before attempting to care for it yourself. Paying a professional to initially care for your pool and teach you until you are comfortable doing it on your own can save you a lot of money and frustration in the long-run.
Please understand that this is a visual inspection only. Possible leaks below ground in plumbing or at drain lines or light fixtures will not be detected. If you are concerned about these issues, you should have a more thorough inspection performed by a specialist using sophisticated tools and procedures that we do not utilize.

Home Inspections for buyers are the most common service we provide. If you are looking for details concerning the inspection process itself, click HERE. When you are ready to schedule your inspection, just give us a call. We will get all the information we need from you over the phone. After that, we will call the Centralized Showing Service to schedule the inspection. They will give us

We commonly perform inspections for sellers before they place their house on the market. Here are the key things to consider:
90% of buyers will have an inspection, which means that your home is obviously very likely to be inspected. Many of the issues discovered during inspection are fairly simple and inexpensive to repair, but some issues involving safety have the potential to make buyers feel uneasy and even the presence of several small issues can produce a long list in the buyer's mind causing second thoughts about the purchase. Having an inspection performed before-hand gives you the opportunity to address safety issues and/or the several small issues that tend to add up in the mind of a buyer who is about to purchase your home.

It's fairly common practice these days for builders to offer a 1-year warranty on their new homes. It is also very common for home-owners to have an inspection before that year is over to identify any item sthat may need repair so that they maximize the warranty. Any reputable builder wil repair any item that shows up in an inspection report written by a certified professional home inspector.
If you did not have an independent, third-party inspection before you moved in, then this is your chance to make up for it! We will follow our normal inspection process and produce our standard report or a 'List of Repairs' report, if you prefer.
Our sprinkler inspection is intended to identify any missing system components, identify what is present and if it is currently working properly. We do not test any programming features, we manually operate each zone to be sure the system is performing as intended.
This industry has recently seen an increase in enforcement because there was a significant amount of work being performed by unlicensed, unqualified individuals. Corners were cut to keep installation costs down, but at the expense of repairs down the road. If your system is missing any recommended components, we will let you know what they are and what it means to you that they are missing.
Click here for information about the best Infrared Inspection Service in Fort Worth.
all the information we need to let ourselves in and conduct the inspection. No one else will need to be there, but you are more than welcome to attend if you would like to. The standard inspection lasts a little over 3 hours, and you can show up whenever you like. We do ask that you be there towards the end of the inspection to discuss our findings and we typically take payment at this time. Your report is guaranteed to be ready within 24 hours and it will likely be around 30 pages with pictures.
Home Inspection Keller Texas
Home Inspection Keller
Home Inspection Keller